Director of Photography

20 years film and commercial experience, based in Copenhagen.
More than 15 years gaffing for over 30 features film and nearly 500 commercials.

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‘Babette’s Feast’

1988 USA Academy Award Winner – Best Foreign Film

Director- Gabriel Axel. DOP– Henning Kristiansen.


2000 Danish Film Academy Award Winner- Best Lighting.
Director – Nicolas Winding Rafn. DOP- Morten Søberg.

‘This Charming Man’

2003 USA Academy Award Winner- Best Short Live Action.
Director – Martin Strange. DOP- Kim Hattesen.

‘In A Better World’

2011 USA Academy Award Winner/Golden Globe Winner-Best Foreign Film.
Director – Susanne Bier. DOP- Morten Søborg.


International location experience:

Europe: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Estonia.

Africa: Kenya.

Asia: India, Thailand, Phillipines, Vietnam, Indonesia.

USA: New York, Los Angeles, Kentucky, Miami.


Gaffer for international DOPs:


Stuart Dryburgh Commercials USA / NZ
Darius Khondji Commercials France
Dirk Brull Features/Commercials Denmark DiVinci Award Winner 1999
Anthony Dod Mantle Features/Commercials Denmark / USA Academy Award Winner 2009 Cinematography
Dan Laustsen Features/Commercials Denmark
Larry Smith Features/Commercials UK
Jeff Cronenweth Features USA
Henrik Jongdahl Features/Commercials Denmark
Morten Søberg Features/Commercials Denmark
Bo Tenberg Features Denmark
Nickolai Brull Commercials Denmark
Tetsue Nagata Commercials France
Alex Thomson Commercials UK
Gerard Simon Commercials France
Jan Richter Friis Features/Commercials Denmark
Jess Hall Commercials UK
Bjørn Blixt Commercials Denmark
Erik Kress Commercials Denmark
Kim Hattesen Commercials Denmark
Teumo Virtan Commercials Finland
Teriel Meilava Commercials France
Jens Schlosser Commercials Denmark
Karl Oskerson Commercials Iceland
Patrick Doroux Commercials France
Misumi Commercials Japan
Goren Halberg Commercials Sweden

Additional references available upon request